Radio Dan II deepening. 

 (Photo credit Laura fletcher)

Radio Dan II
(That’s the link up there)

“It’s like inception but not inception”

“It takes radio to new lows, sometimes it feels like it’s not even a radio show”

These are all reviews that may or may not have been written and in that is the essence of what’s being made here.

Pull up a coffee, sip hard into your chair.

Bring back dada.

Be the small bookcase.

Enjoy radio Dan


Successful with rave reviews;

“The subversively ordinary and yet unusual Radio Dan proves touching poetry to sleep deprived ears.

Now with a visual incarnation to lull you in to another half-distracted hypnotic zone. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll fall asleep and awake in a new world, you’ll think everyone is Skyping you (they’re not), you’ll be a little bit more infused by art by the end of it. Radio Dan is a creative tea bag for your warm brainy water; sit back and let it steep.”


“It feels like I’m in space and I’m dying” (Radio Dan episode 2)


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