Radio Dan 01

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To radio Dan. When I was younger, British comedy really held the cake with Wheatos cereal and cream (miss you dad). Some of it didn’t make sense out of context, still it taught me to infer from context. I learnt about the world from what other people were saying about it. A little dangerous at times but I feel it allowed me to throw myself into music and art in quite a special way, something I may have lost, I know it’s somewhere shrouded in helplessness in this really irritating society we all want to be a part of. Apparently that makes me an asshole, but whatever, I’m doing a thing.

I feel like British humour lost the same magic, it’s so brutally honest that it’s delved in its own misery. If you’re unhappy enough to only be friends with that girl who convinces you that taking a mixture of pills is the best way to have sex, and tells you she loves you anyway and tries until it wears off and she needs more and think that’s a healthy relationship, then yeah I get it. Watch skins, delve into the world and pretend that it’s what was missing from your life, unhappiness. But I though tv was supposed to make you laugh, not judge yourself.

Maybe I’m idealistic.

Regardless, some things come out of surrealism and half assed questions, some things that make you wonder a bit, isn’t nonsense fun a bit? Maybe get away from the normal way of doing this and try something stupid, I guess stupid has a million different meanings, I’m going for the one that means something akin to silly.

Radio Dan is, well, read the reviews;

“Radio Dan – is a layer of thought not usually vocalised with others, the train runs from the screen to the eye to the mouth to the ear, with no interruptions.

Reality is all the conversations that we have with ourselves.

Uncensored and impolite observations, totally without malicious intention.”

– MxLef

Spread the word radio Dan is a thing.




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