It’s been a year since my mother has last entered the states and so much is happened it’s unreal.

A billion tiny moments flash by, things I’ll never share and things I’ve shared from only my perspective.

Being on the road is special. I was born with the intention of emigrating and it seems to have grown in to a much larger part of my world. Even with a child on the way, I’m getting itchy feet. I can’t imagine a more perfect thing, a family taking a journey together, moving as a unit, paving a fresh new future regardless of the mindless drones walking against our line of sight. Like ghosts, we shall walk through them to our greater destiny, time is moving and bringing with it greatness.

Our time of waiting is coming to a close and our time of living is beginning.

To my love, our child preparing to make their way to our world. To ghosts and distant friends.

Welcome to now.


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