Okay so poetry for a bit

thos blog will return to camera stuff when my effin head can take it, for now poetry time with Eil and Dan.

Sitting, drifting through moments, unchanged, indifferent, apathetic.

Clueless. He feels like heart palpitations would be a worthwhile side affect.

To be one with everything that moves.

Unable to belong is both a blessing and a curse. Indipendence seems impossible, though he is in the land of it.

Days converge and become weak, like sleep. Disturbing. You are such a sight to behold with or without. Masks. Glory is damned and repressed. Shame is present and unwelcome. 

Death is metaphor. 

Change is reasonable. New life is gracious and ignorant, by innocence, by default and precious. 

Change is cruel, yet neccicary. 

Spelling evades. 


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