More is coming

okay for real I’ve been like dead to the world pretty much, blame it on the blue moon (31st July) or on batman Arkham knight (seriously an amazing game and the season pass is super worth it, playing as Harley was really special) but I’ll be back on it at some point, for now here’s something I wrote for my kid, you’ll be with us soon my love.

She bought a baby buggy today, something we can leave the kid in while we’re doing housework so they can nap or simply lay and watch the world go by, it plays beautiful music and has cute animals that hang from the handle. I’m starting to see a bit what you’ll look like, it’s a kind of a terrifying excitement, I can’t wait to see you in it, and as you grow to despise it and your ready to walk on your own, we’ll see. We’ll remember how cute you were in it, and you can’t it take that away from us. You’re going to be my favourite. 

Alright in a bit. 



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