Still a challenge, still not pointless. 

Venus 1300mm cropped, really really cropped, took out the red bands in photoshop. It’s a start.

The journey to the stars for a photographer is a choice not made easily. It requires equipment, endless patience and focus. The thought that I could just buy a challenging lens and attain a clear picture of Jupiter is almost laughable.
To commit to such a cause seems pointless, fruitless and derivative, after all it’s been done before. So why is it, I’m still shooting for this goal?
It’s pretty simple honestly, life appears meaningless, especially when you question meaning itself. The things we chose to do, regardless of rhyme or reason, make us. If we do it, it’s meaningful, a confusing, yet poignant thought. At the end of the day, I like space, I may not be a pioneer or even the best at what I’m doing, but I’m doing it and in the immortal words of jake from adventure time, “being bad at something is the first step to being sort of good at something”.
I’ve been Practicing, learning what light appears on the live viewer and what light appears in the view finder. There is a difference and when your field of view is black, this light helps guide you to find your heavenly subject.
I’ve also discovered the beauty hidden within the blurred images of these distant subjects. The mixture of atmospheres and the radiation between along with the distortion caused by using this type of equipment (a mixture between the lens, the camera and the digital version of it) is surprisingly beautiful.

This bird is looking right at you! Specifically YOU!
This bird is looking right at you! Specifically YOU!

As for now Jupiter and Venus are still a larger goal for now, aside for the docu style films I’m working on (the first entitled spring is coming along well and some of that will materialize soon) for now, as part of my learning, a much closer moon. Inspired or not, attaining the moon so close was a lot of fun and I plan to continue attaining it’s beautiful face during its different phases when I can.

For the first time, 3000mm uncropped. F/16 ISO100 Shutter 1/13
For the first time, 3000mm uncropped. F/16 ISO100 Shutter 1/13

Until next time, some people used to call me aniel but I before the silent Dan, and the misspelled Eil.

By the way, f’real f’real. Super rare alignment of Jupiter and Venus June 30th. If it doesn’t end up on this blog, I hope that you at least get to see it a bit.


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