Vivitar or how I found a challenge that wasn’t pointless

Astrophotography seems to some an impossible task and to others a means of fulfilment, at current it seems to me both.

Venus 1300mm ish (probably a bit more)
Venus 1300mm ish (probably a bit more)

Previously, I shot Venus at 650mm, with my new(ish) equipment, I was able to get the gas covered planet at 1300mm recently, I understand that due to the nature of the planet it’s difficult to get a clear image from Earth yet I know it’s possible.
The real difficulty at the moment is equipment, for those of you interested in getting such a ridiculous lens as the 650 – 1300mm exercise caution but at the same time, don’t be afraid to have fun. If it’s within your budget you’re looking, prepare to be challenged, prepare to push yourself to the limits of your ability and consider the weight of the product in your challenge.
The lens performs well for its purpose. The weight of the product creates a challenge for the tripod. If your tripod cannot handle the weight, it could collapse, but even a strong tripod can shift down a little when the full weight is on it. This shift would seek minimal on a 50mm but on such a focal length the effect is exponential. An movement, any wind and you will see a great movement. This creates difficulty in framing, not impossible but it is a challenge.
When next I attempt to attain the planets, I am going to try plotting the movements of Venus and wait for it to enter the frame as framing up appears far more time consuming and time is an element of such a fast moving object.

So I did a thing that you're not supposed to do
So I did a thing that you’re not supposed to do

As for now I am awaiting the moon to show its face in the sky at a time when I am free. Hopefully using the moon as a reference I will be able to attain the planet with ease.
Until next time, I will leave you with the words of a personal hero of mine, “that is one big ass sun.”


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