Mission to Mars 

Venus f/16 650mm
Venus f/16 650mm

Talking to the Internet is struggle at times, you figure out what you want to know and it inundates you with information that is either to vague or not covering the story you wanted, kind of like eBay, you tell it what you want and it goes, “here’s something similar” but if you know what you want, that’s useless, utterly.  In doing this, I found that Mars one is a scam and Ridley Scott is about to release the Martian, which even though I’m bummed that blade runner 2 and Prometheus 2 don’t exist yet, looks bloody magnificent. This got me thinking about Mars one, the first privately funded “not for profit” Mars mission. It’s been slated as a scam multiple times and may be so, but out of all its controversy, it did one great thing, sparked the imagination of the planet again, growing up I wanted to see what’s up there. Years of self neglect and passive aggression from peers has long washed away my ability to go up, but I desperately want to live vicariously through those who do.  I want to see our generations moon landing and be an old man telling the young kids who said it was a lie to go pleasure themselves elsewhere.

Vivitar 650mm - 1300mm
Vivitar 650mm – 1300mm

Part of my pursuit involves this thing, I’ve been napping out the stars for weeks now, figuring out where the planets will be in a bid to see what I’ve loved for myself.  I want to show my children that what they’re learning about in school is real, to be able to prove for themselves that there’s more to this world than a bunch of lunatics fighting over opinions. There’s Luna up there and beyond.  With Mars so close to the sun during the day, it may be possible to take a snap of its shadow, but the goal is Jupiter.  My first tests have been successful at 650mm but that’s nothing I haven’t tried before (see my last post for the overexposed gas of broken dreams) but the next challenge is 1300mm and when the attachment finally comes, 2600mm (which will be nearing 3500mm due to mathematics)  Wish us luck in trying to achieve one of the few goals We can achieve in our backyard.



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