I was alive…once 

Sometimes you forget how to aperture or to focus
Sometimes you forget how to aperture or to focus

You might be thinking, oh my god, I have a great idea, you might have seen it in a dream or in the excited voices of friends, but let’s be honest about the situation, all these great things happened in your head.
Putting ideas into action is not fun, it’s work, but work can be fun at times. Once you get the ball rolling and start to see results, you start thinking, oh my god, yesterday I was so sad, today instead of crying into your imaginary cereal (because no one between the ages of twenty one and thirty really eats cereal) I got up and took some photos.
And that’s cool, really awesome good job, but then what, what signifies the completion of a task and how do you find out what that is. Is it when you get a pay check, steady hours or is it something deeper.
Honestly I was watching top gear and Jeremy Clarkson in all his Sparks and social fireworks quoted, “a car cannot be art because it serves a function”. Basically if something has a reason other than itself it cannot be art.
Well then, arn’t we all in sticky wicket, because our art has function, to entertain and engage. Lame. So what I’m doing is insta-devalued. And that’s the bridge led Zeppelin were looking for in the crunge, a definitive ending point, a point at all.
Meaning is the biggest and most frustrating biggot of them all, it takes at look at what you’ve done and goes, “yeah but why did you do that”. And that’s when you respond, I had a feeling in my heart and it kind of turned me on or whatever,” but meaning goes, “yeah but will other people get it?,” and you go, “okay let’s put some definitive, easy to understand, engaging, meaning. And then meaning goes, “now it’s not art,” and heads down to the pub to assist in the slow suicide of the upper working class.
So great, you put meaning into something and now your left with utter trash, good, really awesome job.

Sometimes your dreams seem like a giant ball of overexposed gass next to a a tiny lens flair
Sometimes your dreams seem like a giant ball of overexposed gas next to a a tiny lens flair

This is where the work comes in, finding that awful balance between fun times and goodj quality work, between doing something people want to be involved in and actually turning up.
What I’m working on now has meaning and it is fun, what its missing is structure, a journey that has a visible goal and that same time, making sure the goal is hidden from sight.
I have a bunch of time lapses and now I’ve got to give it emotion, somewhere between misery and wonder. It’s worth figuring out, time to keep going.
In the mean-time.

I was alive.

Took Your Time
Took Your Time

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