Technically Speaking

A very dear friend of mine wanted to know what I doing bringing a SLR camera to a pool party. Well aside from the fact that the pool was actually closed, I was, as I am still doing in between corporate shenanigans and making exciting faces at a screen that’s screaming at me in Japanese, I’m making a documentary thing of real life.

We talking talking about why I have so many lenses and what they all do and it turned out she had a few lenses in the back from an old camera that died on her and just gave me two beautiful FD canon lenses. I was excited enough to order the adapter before the conversation had ended.

While I waited, I searched the net for whatever information I could find on how these lenses would handle on my digital counterpart (if you’re curious it’s a Canon 550D, because with Canon you can…make films that is). Thanks to a culture I can pretty much just call the internet, It sounded like my new prized possession was hopelessness + uselessness squared.

I just really want to express that the world seriously needs to calm down a bit, I’ve known people to make showreels from iPhone footage, in comparison using an FD lens on an EOS camera is like being a partner in Warner Brothers.

This looks like a good place for a picture.
This looks like a good place for a picture.

First of all there are pros and cons to using older lenses on a DSLR that are from other cameras. The cons, you need an adapter, aside from adding a few dollars onto the price tag, they physically move the glass away from the sensor, you lose a bit of light in the process. When they’re not fully manual, there’s no guarantee that the iris will function properly. They can be damaged in ways you could only imagine and you can’t see this from a picture on eBay.

The pros ; they can be anywhere from more expensive than you expected to cheaper than you realized and function perfectly well. Buying cheaper lenses allows you to play around and figure out what it is you actually need, you might surprise yourself in the process.

Having spent a lot of time in England, I always thought that a wide aperture lens was the thing I needed the most, now, living in a country that has an actual summertime, I almost forget why I spent so much time looking at posts on ebay hoping that someone would make a spelling error and end up selling a lens for a lot less than it’s worth. The sun is out there, spilling it’s B vitamin’s into the very soul of my images. I’m starting to get a real feel for what can be done at f/4 or even f/7. The point is, having an f/1.8 is a wonderful thing, but if you have natural light, or stage lighting, you can attain stellar results.

Look out my window, describe what I saw
See that phallic thing, yeah no, it’s a bunch of lenses.

That tall thing in the centre is what I’ve been playing with today and it’s impressive as well as insane. First of all, it has three sections. First the adapter, secondly, a x2 tele – converter and finally the lens itself. It’s a 210mm f/4 but with all the additions it’s really more like a 830mm f/6.5. It’s heavily, it’s fully manual and if you know how to use it, it’s a blessing especially once you consider you could own a piece of kit like this for around $60 on ebay or $90 on amazon or you know, you could spend twice the cost of your camera on the latest piece. It all comes down to what you actually want.

As Soon as the clouds clear up, I’m going to be seeing how the lens fairs against the moon and possibly more, until then, I’m happy enough watching rabbits from afar.

Elmer Fudd for a day
Elmer Fudd for a day

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