Enter the Void (film review)

Curzon Soho
photo by Daniel Huntley

Remaining one of the most unapologetic hipster hang outs, the homely and charismaticCurzon cinema (soho) took a visit from Pinangel this weekend. Reason? To catch a rare example of avant guard cinema.

From the deranged yet beautiful mind of Gaspar Noé, comes a film that will open your eyes and have you still believe they’re closed.  Donning unreasonably beautiful visuals of Tokyo including disorientating arial interiors of strip clubs, hospitals and studio apartments, Enter the void is a thoroughly visceral and deeply disturbing film.

It could be described as a requiem for a jilted generation as well as It’s a Wonderful Life for the modern crack addict though it goes without saying that it’s an exceedingly original film in a sea of romantic comedies and drawn out horror films. Although even the most die hard film goer will question the merits of it’s narrative flow, it’s useless to question. Akin its graphic sex scenes or seemingly involuntary use of psychedelic transitions, you will rather be asking yourself (more importantly) when you dropped acid and why you can’t remember doing it.

If the unfolding narrative of pedophiliac drug dealers or freudian sexual memory hasn’t taken you attention hostage in a small french speaking Japanese island off the coast of italy then the shock tactic editing will. As well as using inspiring methods to simulate involuntary movements and loss of focus of the eye, Noé stitches together the present and the past in such a seamless way as to shock an understanding of post traumatic stress disorder into yourself (the viewer).

But wait! There’s more, I really could go on to praise this film further, (even with it’s faults of length and repetition) whether it’s the disjointed acting of Nathaniel Brown or the vigor of the opening credits (an experience in itself), I will simply urge you to see this film and experience for yourself and I sincerely mean experience. Whether it pushes the right or wrong buttons, this film will not leave you bored.

Until the film review, stay classy internet!



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