Pinangel is alive (figuratively speaking)!

You are entering a dimension, not only of sight and sound but of mind. To your left a hitch hiker is pointing in vague direction, you can’t really tell where but it’s almost got your attention. To your right, a man has crashed his car while his teenage son watches porn on the HD screen fitted into the back of the drivers seat. Up ahead, the bridge is out, but it’s okay because your in a plane, you are about to enter the world of Pinangel.

Hi I’m not Rod Serling and I’ll be your guide to indie film making, pointing out not only art house cinema but also up and coming directors who are not yet in your field of vision. To begin with I’d like to point out the work of my colleague, the talented Severin Lloyd Gammon. In the forth-coming weeks we’ll be hearing a little more from the D.O.P who slapped the face of student film making and lived.

Furthermore, we’ll be updating the progress of the completion and exposure of Serial Sweetheart, the short thriller that will have you uncomfortably charmed. Starring Christopher Elderwood, the genius who dared sing my fair lady outside Pret a Manger at 11:45 at night, it promises to gift audiences with a questionable sense of security before changing the saturday morning tv image of northern men forever. For the better? Soon you’ll find out.

In the blue corner, weighing in at a 16 minute run time, the Fox and the spoon will be another short we’ll exploiting for the sake of blowing your respective minds. Starring Edward Davenport, Rosalind Hillyard and Rachel Hepworth you’ll realise that they know something you don’t. Albert Camus was right, life is an absurdity.

For clips from each of these films and MORE, you’d better get your internet sneakers back from the dry cleaners and run over to the Pinangel site. It’s healthy to exercise your mind. Our GP says so.

Until the next dimension shifting post. It’s not homework, it’s life!

Pinangel out.


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